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Timothy Zahn

Zahn weaves tales that span galaxies with action to get the pulse moving and plots to intrigue one's mind.

"Star Wars: Heir to the Empire Cycle"

The world recognized characters from the "Star Wars" saga continue on in three new chapters of the galactic story. The Emperor and Lord Vader have been dead for five years. The New Republic is in place, attempting to right the wrongs of the Empire while still fighting the remnants of the Imperials. From out of the darkness of the far reaches of the galaxy comes a new enemy of the Republic, a new leader for the Empire. And the New Republic must gaurd itself well or lose all they have fought to gain.

"Heir to the Empire"

Cover The New Republic is ushering in a halcyon period for the galaxy. Princess Leia and Han Solo have been married and are expecting Jedi Twins. Luke, now a Jedi Knight, trains Leia to use the Force and feel it inside of her while prepairing to train her soon to be born children. Things look good for the galaxy, but Grand Admiral Thrawn is set on destroying the upstart government and putting the Empire back into its place of dominance. Commanding a still formidable Imperial Navy, Thrawn must run a race to gain command of new forces and planets while searching for powerful weapons that have long been hidden away in the Emperor's arsenal.

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"Dark Force Rising"

Cover Han and Lando move with an urgent speed in order to find proof of treason inside of the highest council in the New Republic and end up discovering a fleet of ghost-ships that could give either side in the conflict a great deal of firepower. Thrawn, with his new technology and an evil Dark Jedi seemingly under his control, looks closer to realizing his victory. Meanwhile, the Dark Jedi has his eyes on seducing Luke and the soon to be born Jedi infants of Leia.

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"The Last Command"

Cover The Republic is reeling from the attacks of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire is preparing to be the dominant power in the galaxy once more. Han and Chewbacca fight to form a coalition of smugglers for an attack on the Imperials while Leia attempts to hold the Republic together and prepare for the birth of her twins. The Republic's last hope is a strike team lead by Luke Skywalker, who's mission is to knock out the source of Thrawn's edge - cloning machines. There, the Dark Jedi awaits Luke for a last chance at crushing the Jedi Knight for good.

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